Artifishalleyes Aligns with Vantage Resource Group

Artifishalleyes™ aligns with Vantage Resource Group™ to promote all Vantage Protection Products™ to marine dealers and consumers.

Fargo ND (April 22, 2015)- Artifishalleyes™ (artificial-eyes), The art of fishing for walleyes using artificial baits, announces they have partnered with (VRG) Vantage Resource Group, Inc ( to promote all VRG products to marine dealers and consumers.


VRG’s core business is to provide high quality protection products to the marine industry. As a 3M National Market Developer for Scotchguard™ Paint Protection Film, Vantage has become an industry leader in this segment.  This clear urethane, premium-grade, UV-stable film that once applied to above-the-waterline high-impact surfaces of fiberglass or aluminum boats, boat trailers and or pontoon boats, will reduce damage from road debris, scratches, bumper wear and dock rashes.

“With all the miles we put on our vehicles towing a boat, there is always the inevitable chips that can ruin your trailer fenders and frame rails, especially on gravel roads.” Corey commented. These areas during travel are hard on your painted trailers, fenders and boats. “Vantage Protection Film virtually eliminates this problem. Why not just protect your investment with easy to install Vantage Protection Film? The minimal investment will definitely pay for itself in the long run”, states Troy Morris.

Vantage Protection Film also protects against top gunnel scratches and interior damage from rods, coolers or other objects rubbing against your painted or fiberglass surfaces. “When loading and unloading our boats with daily supplies in the early morning or late afternoon hours you always lay something on top of the gunnels, and that presents the possibility of scratching that area. Now with the Vantage Protection Film applied, we have totally eliminated that potential for damage”, the duo commented.

“We are pleased to partner with Artifishalleyes™ and Professional Fishermen Troy Morris and Corey Heiser. Together, we will continue to offer consumers products that both enhance and protect one of their favorite investments. These products are well tested and proven through decades of research and development. They over deliver on their promise of protection!” says Ross Solwold, President of Vantage Resource Group, Inc.

Vantage Resource Group™ works directly with marine manufacturers, dealers and affiliates. Product distributed nationally include, Vantage Protection Film™, Vantage Wraps™, Vantage Pontoon Guard™ (patent pending) and Vantage Protection Products™.

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