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Artifishalleyes is “Continuing the Quest”

Artifishalleyes (artificial-eyes) The art of fishing for walleyes using artificial baits, creating the Next Generation Beyond Bait.

Fargo, ND. – As of March 2014, Corey Heiser and Troy Morris stepped outside the box and took the pledge to fish for walleyes without the use of live bait for the entire 2014 fishing season. The duo created an organization called Artifishalleyes, which was designed to help educate and teach our youth, and fellow anglers, that artificial baits can be used competitively, even on those so called live bait waters. Providing awareness to the potential issues related to the transportation and proper disposal of live bait, while helping protect our waterways from the spread of aquatic species is also part of the quest.

The walleye world watched as they documented their season with video and social media updates. As their season wrapped up, it’s safe to say that stepping out of the box was a success. They were able to notch a top ten finish on the Bay of Green Bay, a famous place for the use of traditional crawler harnesses, and then measuring consistency throughout the year, they were able to qualify for the MWC’s World Walleye Championship and total enough points to finish 18th in Team of the Year standings out of more than 100 teams.

As they did prior to the 2014 season, the duo has signed another notarized contract to NOT use live bait for the entire 2015 season. They will compete in numerous events expanding out over 5 different states, highlighting MWC events at Big Stone Lake (Ortonville, MN), Lake Pentenwell (Central Wisconsin), Devils Lake, ND, Cass Lake, MN and finishing up at the World Walleye Championship on Lake Erie out of Huron, OH in October.

“Our goal is to once again show that using artificial baits can be used exclusively in a competitive environment, fishing tournaments on varying bodies of water, all the while eliminating the potential spread of ANS(Aquatic Nuisance Species) through the use of live bait.” Heiser and Morris also commented that they will continue to document and help teach the public new ways to catch walleyes and other species through the use of artificial baits. This will also be highlighted by their appearances on every episode of the Dakota Destination television show on Midco Sports Network in 2015.

Morris and Heiser again felt like the MWC was the perfect venue with their push towards artificial only.  However, adding to their tournament schedule will be the Big Muddy on the Missouri River out of Bismarck, ND, Spirit Lake Classic on Devils Lake, ND, Angler young Angler on Devils Lake, ND, FM Walleyes Event on Big Cormorant (Lake Park, MN) and several days fishing with friends and family teaching the importance of fishing with artificial baits.

For more information about the exclusive use and presentations of artificial baits please “like” their Facebook page, Artifishalleyes, or visit the web site at

Artifishalleyes has partnered with the following companies to present their message of artificial only, Vantage Protection Products, Berkley Fishing, Off Shore Tackle, Ranger Boats, VISIONBank, Lowrance and SCHEELS.


Team Artifishalleyes Qualifies for 2015 MWC Championship

Pro Walleye anglers Troy Morris and Corey Heiser are on a mission.

Early in 2014, the Fargo, North Dakota based tournament team announced an undertaking many may have thought difficult to impossible to execute successfully.That didn’t turn out to be a problem at all.

Artifishalleyes 2Troy and Corey announced earlier this year they would fish every tournament they entered during the 2014 season and into the future with artificial lures only, following the belief both have expressed that artificial lure only walleye tournaments would not only be very successful drawing anglers and putting up impressive numbers of walleyes caught, but more importantly would be healthier for the waters fished and send a clear message to the public about the spread of Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) and live bait fishing’s contribution to this nationally recognized problem.

The team fished Walleyes competitively employing PK Lures, Berkley Flicker Shads, Berkley jigs and spinner rigs tipped with Gulp Alive, other Berkley soft lures, and Berkley lines.

As the season wound to a close, Troy and Corey had accomplished several important goals.

1) Artifishalleyes was the first team to fish an entire circuit using artificial lures only, fishing Minnesota’s Big Stone Lake finishing 19th, South Dakota’s Lake Sharpe finishing 20th, Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan out of Oconto finishing 9th, and Minnesota’s Cass Lake finishing 45th.

2) The team qualified for the 2015 MWC World Walleye Championship on Lake Erie out of Huron, Ohio.

3) The Team ranked 18th overall for the Masters Walleye Circuit Team of the Year!
Troy and Corey are looking very much forward to continuing their successful artificials only quest through the 2015 Walleye tournament season.

Join them both at, brought to you by Vision Bank, Artifishalleyes You Tube, and the Artifishalleyes Facebook page for news, information, and much more!

Artifishalleyes Mission Statement:

The presence of aquatic nuisance species, ANS, has become more widespread causing severe and permanent damage to the habitats they invade by reducing the abundance of native species and altering ecosystem processes. This destruction of the natural ecosystem is causing lakes and rivers to have less game fish and even rendering some lakes and rivers unusable.

Even in those natural walleye fisheries not affected by ANS, walleye tournament fishing continues to be scrutinized because the possible transportation of ANS to these locations by water. These issues have several causes, however, we feel the use of live bait has amplified both and that it is time to change the walleye fishing world. According to the Federal ANS Task Force, common pathways of introduction are ballast water, transported on recreational equipment, fishing gear and FISHING BAIT RELEASE.

We are dedicated and passionate fishermen with a love for educating our youth and fellow anglers. Both of us began fishing when we were young, moved into the amateur walleye tournaments and are now well known on the professional walleye circuits. We have experienced the changes in our water system and realize that it is time for us to lead the walleye fishing world into the next generation with only artificial presentations and artificial baits. We want to show and educate all fishermen, that these products, can not only improve our water system but will show results in competitive tournament fishing.

Through this web site, our Facebook and You Tube channel, fishing seminars, magazine articles, sport show booths, walleye tournaments and our vast network of fellow fishermen; we not only have the marketing ability but the access to promote artificial presentations. For 2014, we have made a pact and signed a contract that we will no longer be using natural live bait for fishing, EVER.

We invite you to take a look at our 2015 schedule and join us on this pursuit of “The Generation Beyond Bait”.


Fargo, ND-  Artifishalleyes Troy Morris and Corey Heiser have signed an agreement with artificial bait giant, Berkley.

Artifishalleyes is an organization created to educate anglers about the art of fishing for walleyes with artificial baits and presentations, while helping reduce the spread of Aquatic Nuisance Species by eliminating the use of live bait.

Berkley and Company was started back in 1945 in Spirit Lake, Iowa. In 1959 Berkley created an all new monofilament line, and ongoing experimentation soon yielded the company’s breakthrough innovation; Trilene.

From the beginning, Berkley has committed significant resources to research and development to create the world reknowned products in their line-up today. Berkley will be the exclusive line and soft bait supplier for Artifishalleyes.

“We are very excited to partner with Berkley. They are leading the charge by sponsoring Artificial Only events on the Masters Walleye Circuit trail. Their giant product line of Powerbait, Gulp!, Gulp! Alive, Havoc and the many different fishing lines will give us ample tools to be successful on the water.” Corey Heiser explained.

Morris and Heiser will compete in 4 MWC Events; Lake Sharpe – Pierre, SD, Big Stone Lake – Ortonville, SD, Bay of Green Bay – Oconto, WI, Cass Lake and finally  Cass Lake, MN. The duo will also fish other local and regional events. Morris will compete in the MWC World Walleye Championship at Devils Lake, ND mid October.

“Artificial baits are becoming more and more popular. Anglers need the information and know how tips to make the switch and become confident with those presentations,” Morris added. “Using quality Berkley products will ensure our success to catch walleyes and offer information on how to put walleyes in the net with artificials through videos, articles, Facebook and YouTube releases throughout the year.”

Berkley Field Marketing Manager, Cody Roswick said, “We are very supportive of Artifishalleyes and thank Heiser and Morris for their continued support of our great fish catching Berkley brands. I’m going to bet that these two anglers will not only unlock some artificial bait secrets, but educate anglers on how to use artificial baits for many species. I look forward to following them this season!”

For more information about the exclusive use and presentations of artificial baits please “like” their Facebook page Artifishalleyes.

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