The presence of aquatic nuisance species, ANS, has become more widespread causing severe and permanent damage to the habitats they invade by reducing the abundance of native species and altering ecosystem processes. This destruction of the natural ecosystem is causing lakes and rivers to have less game fish and even rendering some lakes and rivers unusable. Even in those natural walleye fisheries not affected by ANS, walleye tournament fishing continues to be scrutinized because the possible transportation of ANS to these locations by water. These issues have several causes, however, we feel the use of live bait has amplified both and that it is time to change the walleye fishing world. According to the Federal ANS Task Force, common pathways of introduction are ballast water, transported on recreational equipment, fishing gear and FISHING BAIT RELEASE. “www.anstaskforce.gov/ans.php”

We are dedicated and passionate fishermen with a love for educating our youth and fellow anglers. Both of us began fishing when we were young, moved into the amateur walleye tournaments and are now well known on the professional walleye circuits. We have experienced the changes in our water system and realize that it is time for us to lead the walleye fishing world into the next generation with only artificial presentations and artificial baits. We want to show and educate all fishermen, that these products, can not only improve our water system but will show results in competitive tournament fishing.

Through this web site, our Facebook and YouTube Page, fishing seminars, magazine articles, sport show booths, walleye tournaments and our vast network of fellow fishermen; we not only have the marketing ability but the access to promote artificial presentations. In early 2014, we made a pact and signed a contract that we will no longer be using natural live bait for fishing, EVER.

We invite you to take a look at our schedule and join us on this pursuit of “The Generation Beyond Bait”.

Corey Heiser         Troy Morris

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